3 Compliments Every Woman Loves to Hear


Whether you escort Chicago women on your arm every night of the week, or you are a rare dater, it is important to understand what women like to hear. Cliche compliments and six-pack abs may get you a first date, but whether you look like Magic Mike or George Castanza, it is how you treat her as a person that will have her asking you to call again. Whether you call upon a Phoenix or Chicago escort, your date deserves a nice restaurant and a few compliments like the ones below. You won’t be surprised when she asks you to call again.

Tell Her You’re Interested in Her Interests: This is a compliment not of words, but respect. Asking Being interested in her love of collecting antique dolls doesn’t mean you have to become a collector yourself, or plan to escort Chicago dolls to every broadway doll collector show for the next few months, however, asking some respectful questions like what got her interested in the first place, what her prize collection item is, etc. You may be pleasantly surprised to find that she’s asking about your fantasy football team lineup in return.

Compliment The Things She Plays Up: All women have a few things they secretly love about themselves. Even if they’re not vocal about it, there are a number of good clues to figure out which attributes these are. Does she dress in drab colors and add flair or bright color to one part of her body? Add beautiful accents to her hair? Wear bright lipstick with little other makeup? Complimenting the areas of her body she already loves about herself will make her feel like her extra efforts have paid off. A word of caution, however, if you don’t find her efforts in that area particularly fetching, then choose another thing that you can genuinely compliment. Genuine compliments are always worth significantly more than flattery.

Ask About Her Friends: Whether she’s the girl next door, or the loveliest Chicago escort, ask her how her friends and family are doing. If this is a first date, ask who her good friends are, and let her tell you whatever details she wants to share. If this is a second or third date, re-ask how Jenny’s family is doing, or how a friend you have met is faring. Just don’t spoil your hard work and ask her how the hot one is doing.