Five Dating Don’ts Every Man Should Know


Whether looking for a long term relationship or just a night of fun, we all want a date to go well. If your dates have been duds again and again, maybe you should make sure you’re not breaking one of the cardinal no-nos.

1. Don’t discuss other women: Whether it’s your awesome ex that you still have weekly beers with, your female best friend who calls you with weekly dating advice of your own, or the charming woman who escorts Midway Airport businessmen to their VIP waiting room, just keep your mouth closed. She should be the only woman in the world for the duration of the date.

2. Don’t false advertise: Do you hate to cook? Don’t prepare her a meal. Hate exercise? Don’t go hiking. Even if it’s her favorite thing, if this turns into a good date, you’ll either be one of the men stuck as shopping escorts in Chicago Downtown, holding bags for the rest of your relationship, or you’ll be subject to the “Why don’t we do this anymore?” questioning.

3. Don’t criticize others: You may be the funniest guy on the planet, but pointing out the flaws of others for a laugh will just make her wonder what you’re going to say about her.

4. Don’t one-up her: She got a flat tire yesterday. Focus on that, not that once you broke the axle of your car. She’s about to get a promotion? Don’t launch into how you’re the guy who escorts Midway airport debutants regularly. It’s not a competition. You already win by getting to date her!

5. Don’t be vague about future plans: If you dig her, and want to ensure a second date, talk about where you’d like to take her. If you’d rather be out next week with escorts in Chicago Downtown, tell her you enjoyed your company, but don’t make any promises. Then make a plan and call Polish Princess for next weeks date!