How to Choose the Right Cologne For the Season and Occasion


When a beautiful woman in Chicago escorts you through the streets, looking for a good time, you want to charm her and look your best. Most of you want to smell your best as well. Though there are different strategies for this, depending on the man, there are a few basic tips to consider, and a few ways to switch it up for the time of year and the occasion. Here are a few tips about the science of scent, and here’s to all of your escorts in Chicago thinking you smell like a rose:

Cologne Is Not a Scent Blocker

Okay. Most men are aware of this, but for the few that are not, cologne-scented body odor is a turn-off. Take a shower, use a mild scented soap so it doesn’t conflict with your cologne, and then put the scent of choice on. Please remember most women have a good sense of smell, so keep the scent volume on low, not high. If they want a better whiff, it gives them an excuse to move closer.

The Science of Scent Memory

The sense of scent is the single strongest link to memory in the body. A scent can pull a stronger, more vivid idea of something that happened decades ago than a song, a physical object, or even a person. By choosing a signature scent, you are forever carving a spot in the memory of your companion. By switching your scent at different times, you may create the power to bring back a number of wonderful times in the future.

Cologne Choices by Activity: If your date in Chicago escorts you to a baseball game or a hike, you want to smell differently than if you are headed to a gala or out dancing. There are a few easy things to remember to help fit the scent to the activity. If there will be sweating, choose a scent with a natural musk. This will mix with the scent of your sweat in a pleasant way. If you are going to be outside in a park or woodland setting, consider a cologne with some scents of fresh-cut plants. If you are headed somewhere cultural like to a lecture, the theater, or the ballet, think about a cologne with some complex notes of something exotic.

Cologne by Season: There are a few simple things that can help a cologne match a season. Winter colognes can have a hint of cinnamon or clove, like fresh holiday baked goods without the sweet notes. (This has been shown to be a big turn-on for women). Summer should have a note of citrus in the scent. Spring can have a hint of floral, but only a small one. You don’t want to end up smelling like you’re wearing your grandmother’s perfume. In the fall, look for something with a smoky edge, like the smell of the first wood stove fire of the season.

If you don’t have a clue about this, don’t worry. Explaining what you’re looking for to the clerk at the department store cologne counter will soon ensure that all your escorts in Chicago are impressed.