How to Ensure a First Date Turns into a Second


First dates are hard, but second dates are even harder. Here are some do’s and don’ts to help you get there.

Do remember her name: Okay, it sounds pretty basic, right? But strangely, it is a subconscious thing that people know and like the sound of their name. Do it enough to make them comfortable, but not so much that it becomes a weird habit.

Don’t talk about other women: Are you the kind of guy who escorts Chicago women out every night? Don’t tell that story. If you talk about your friends, mention the male ones. For tonight, she should be the only woman in the world.

Do Ask What She Likes to Do: And be truly interested. Listen for clues on what would make a good second date, and when you ask her out, choose something she’d love.

Don’t make fun of people: Even if it’s funny, you run the risk of her thinking you’re mean, and wondering what you’re saying behind her back.

Do choose a comfortable place: Pick a place you’re familiar with, so you don’t have any weird surprises. Of course if you’re the type who escorts O’Hare women to the airport bar, it’s probably not the smartest way to get a second date.

Do Compliment Her: Know the difference between flattery and compliments. Mean what you say. Women know the difference.

Don’t make her jealous: Even if your best friends are the loveliest escorts Chicago has to offer and those escorts O’Hare bar lead you to were some of the best nights you’ve ever had, don’t call her attention to it.

Do be yourself: If you really want someone to like you for who you are, then let the world know who that is. And encourage her to do the same.