How to Make Your Date Feel Safe


Whether you’re out with a stranger, co-worker, friend, or an employee of a Chicago escort service, making your date feel comfortable is an important part of having a great time. The safer you can make her feel, the more fun the evening will be for both of you. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you’re out that will ensure the comfort level of both of you.

Choose a Known Activity: Skydiving may be an intense first date unless you already know that she’s up for it. Choosing anything outside clear comfort zones can be a recipe for disaster. If you really want a female skydiving companion, don’t shanghai her under the guise of a date. Either join a skydiving club or call a professional escort service. Perhaps call around for the best escort rates in Chicago, and request a woman who would be willing to fall ten thousand feet with you, and not just one looking to fall for you.

Watch Your Temper (And Your Language): The F bomb is something that gets dropped so regularly that many people don’t even hear it anymore. However, this is not true of everyone, and if you speak like a sailor, it communicates to your date that you don’t plan on having much respect for her. Especially if she hears you clean up your language for waitstaff, elderly women, etc. Show her the same respect, at least until you hear her cursing a blue streak first. Additionally, watch your temper when things don’t go your way. If the three cars in front of you are missing the green light because they weren’t paying attention, don’t get up in arms. We may have the best escort rates in Chicago, but we have the best escorts, too, and they’ll appreciate your patience and open mind. Don’t take away the night by exhibiting full-press road rage. Your date will undoubtedly question when and if that kind of rage will be unleashed upon her, instead.

Be Vulnerable: Chicago escort service members know this, and have used it as a way to break the ice and make nervous dates feel more comfortable. You can try it as well- sharing something intimate about yourself is a great way to put your date at ease, as long as it fits the appropriately intimate category. For example, the fact that you take your grandmother to lunch every Sunday is warm and endearing. Lead with your best romantic foot, just don’t let it wind up in your mouth!