Three Ice Breakers That Can Create A Great First Impression


First impressions are hard. You don’t want to be too awkward because you are overlooked, but you also don’t want to seem to confident and braggy. Any woman you escort in Chicago downtown or in the suburbs will tell you (once they get to know you) that the line is hard to find. One thing that impresses most of them, however, is a smart but humble man. Here are a few things to put into your first impression arsenal to try and win the favor of the next beautiful woman who crosses your path.

Show a Sense of Wonder:

If you want to Escort Chicago downtown women, you need to be a little clever, but sincere. If you don’t think you are naturally knowledgeable, don’t fake it. Instead, share a news article you recently heard that amazes you– the discovery of a new star, a medical breakthrough, a found archaeological civilization, or whatever tickles your fancy. Tell her the story, and how it has created a sense of wonder in you. Don’t be the expert, be the one who is excited to learn. She will see you as someone who reads the news, who has interests far outside the confines of their life, and who is humble enough to appreciate the accomplishments of others.

Be a Connoisseur:

The difference between an annoying lover of something and an interesting and passionate lover of something is all in presentation. If you love wine, microbrews, sports, or something else, you are likely full of a number of factoids about them that can make for very intelligent conversation. The trick is to feel someone out before deciding which information to share about your topic. If the woman you escort in Chicago downtown is not a fan of the topic, then keep to a few funny anecdotes about your passion. (This microbrew was created by a group of Amish who left the colony and have started a chain of popular strip clubs. Talk about a change!) If they want more, they will ask you for it. But less is more when it comes to this, and you come off as fun, knowledgeable, passionate, and aware enough to not be the boring guy.

Ask About Her:

One of the smartest things you can say to a woman is to make a kind observation about something outside of her looks. This shows you are looking to see the real her, and that you have found something worth commenting on. Be sincere, don’t make something up, but take the time to notice. If you escort Chicago downtown women often, you likely know the kinds of things that should be avoided (you’re just like my mother, for example), and you may even know some of the generic things that won’t make you stand out. However, if you manage to ask her things about herself that are true, unique, and meaningful, you will leave a lasting impression. Studies have shown that people who are perceived as the smartest often spend the least amount of time speaking about themselves. A good lesson to learn before your next chance meeting.